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Cleaning is a part of every day for people (whether we like it or not). Since there is no escaping it, why make it difficult? The right products not only make the job easier, they often make it faster as well. 

Whatever industry you're in, whatever requirements you have, we've got you covered when it comes to cleaning.

  • Adzorba

    Odour neutraliser and absorber

  • All Up

    Hard surface cleaner and deodoriser

  • Arid Enviroclean System - Cleaner

    Urinal cleaner liquid

  • Arid Enviroclean System - Tablets

    Urinal tablets

  • B&N Window Cleaner

    Window and glass cleaner

  • CleanKill

    Hospital grade disinfectant and cleaner

  • Combi Clean

    Combi oven cleaning detergent

  • DFA100

    Food processing cleaner and degreaser

  • Dishmatic L

    Machine dishwashing detergent

  • Endeavour Hand Dishwashing

    Hand dishwashing detergent

  • Endeavour Heavy Duty

    All purpose cleaner

  • Endeavour Machine Dishwashing

    Machine dishwashing detergent

  • Eucalyptus 80

    Sanitiser and deodoriser

  • Glass Glo

    Machine glass washing detergent

  • Glaze

    Machine dishwashing detergent

  • Graffiti Remover

    Gum and graffiti remover

  • High Lustre

    Stainless steel and chrome rejuvenator

  • Kloride

    Concentrate chlorine bleach

  • Laundet Euco White

    Economical laundry power

  • Liquid Laundry

    Liquid laundry detergent

  • Muster

    Floor cleaner and rejuvenator

  • One Shot Sachet

    Premium laundry powder

  • Out-Rite Plus

    Carpet cleaner and spotting agent

  • Pink Multiclean

    Multi purpose cleaner

  • PinkChlor

    Sanitiser, cleaner and destined powder

  • PotShot

    Machine pot washing detergent

  • Quick Dry

    Machine dishwash drying aid

  • Safelock Ultra K2

    Warewash detergent

  • Safelock Ultra L2

    Laundry detergent liquid

  • Safelock Ultra L3

    Laundry destainer

  • Safelock Ultra L4

    Laundry conditioner

  • Sanidet

    General purpose cleaner and sanitiser

  • Shore Sour Soft

    Laundry conditioner and neutraliser

  • Sparkle

    Stainless steel and silver cutlery soak

  • Touchdown

    Degreaser and heavy duty cleanser

  • Trifecta

    Deodoriser, sanitiser, spray and wipe cleaner

  • Ultimate Vehicle Wash

    Heavy vehicle cleaner and degreaser

  • Vegisan

    Vegetable and salad sanitiser

  • Window Cleaner

    Mirror and glass cleaner

  • Window Shimmer

    Glass and mirror cleaner


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