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About Us

Metro Rags and Supplies is the ultimate customer service focused company. Our team
strives daily to meet your expectations and ensure delivery of your products on-time, every time.

Reliability Really Matters.

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Environmentally savvy.

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Clean rags. Clean conscious.

10kg compressed blocks and 20kg uncompressed bags are metal detected.

  1. Grading and removal of all damaged and unwanted product.

  2. Visual inspection, removal of all foreign objects and cutting process.

  3. All processed product undergo a final screening and placed on a metal detector conveyor system.

  4. The product is then weighed in accordance with individual bag sizes and placed through packaging machines


Trusted professionals.

Jeanne and Peter have been in partnership at Metro Rags and Supplies since 2005 and have worked hard to create an excellent service based company with customer satisfaction and reliability as its core values. They are backed by their incredibly hard-working team that look after administration, deliveries, warehouse and sales.


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Jeanne Evans

Business Development, Chief Solutions Provider, Administration Overlooker (and a few other things). Jeanne sits upstairs and focuses on making sure operations, sales and administrations are flowing harmoniously. She also comes up with ideas, initiatives and activities aimed towards making Metro Rags and Cleaning Supplies an even better business.

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Doggo Director – Our team mascot and office dog! Larry is here every day and keeps morale high. He is the longest-standing winner of the 'Cutest in the Office' award.



Reception and Chief Order Taker (and Assistant Problem Solver)

Julie will help you with a whole range of questions in regards to ordering product with us. She can tell you your free delivery day or organise delivery outside of those days. She can tell you what type of rag you might need and how much it all costs. Julie is super helpful and super nice!


Jackson is our “Zippy, Energiser Bunny Delivery Driver.

With a massive smile, he is full of energy with a “nothing is too much trouble” kind of attitude.


Chief Specialty Rag Cutter

Davinda has been here forever, she’s part of the fabric of Metro Rags. She cuts cloths into rag size, listens to Bollywood music and brings us beautiful Indian curry for lunch. She's always throwing out little bits of worldly advise when needed.

Metro Rags is committed to helping Australia maintain the environment we live in today as we grow into the future.


We understand the importance of keeping Australia cleaner and greener and that is why all of our rags are made from recycled clothing and other materials that were destined for the rubbish.


In choosing to purchase our environmentally friendly products, you are taking a step in the right direction to protecting Australia’s environmental sustainability.

Our People
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